Wilkadene Keg on your houseboat holiday

Love a keg on your houseboat holiday?

Wilkadene Keg on your houseboat holidayOur boats come equipped with keg fridges to tap one or two of your favourite Woolshed brews. Kegs come in:

  • 19 litres (approx 65 schooners) or
  • 50 litres (approx 175 schooners)

Prices range from:

  • $120-$140 for the 19 litre kegs or
  • $270-$300 for the 50 litres kegs

We can have your keg cold and ready for when you board saving you space in the car on the drive up and also rubbish/recycling onboard the boat.

See our brewery page for a detailed description of our range.