Summer Ale

4.2% alc | 17 IBU
Australian Blonde Ale
Our blonde ale uses all Australian malt, a touch of wheat, is lightly hopped with Australian bred and grown hop varieties, which makes for perfect drinking on our hot summer days.

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The Big Orange

4.1% alc/vol
Kettle Sour
Fresh Riverland Orange Juice and an over-night souring in the brewhouse kettle, gives this light styled wheat based beer an orange character with a citrus zing!

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River Time

3.5% alc | 24 IBU
Session Pale
River Time is brewed with an all Australian malt profile, and hopped with Galaxy and Mosaic hops, which gives tropical flavours. Full flavoured with lighter alcohol, so you can enjoy more river time!

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Amazon Ale

4.5% alc | 25 IBU
Australian Pale Ale
Our Australian Pale Ale. Barley and wheat malts combine to give biscuit and caramel characters, and generous hop additions provide fruity flavours and a firm bitterness.

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Judas the Dark

4.7% alc | 24 IBU
Dark Ale with Roast Wattleseed
A tasty dark beer brewed with locally grown and roasted wattleseed. This dark ale is unique in its flavour and design. Roasted malts provide chocolate and spice, while the wattleseed provides toffee, hazelnut and coffee flavours.

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5.2% alc | 32 IBU
Australian Amber Ale
Originally produced for the Centenary of Wilkadene Homestead, this Australian amber ale is brewed with a good whack of crystal wheat which gives the beer a rich toffee character and deep amber hue.

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Cherax Destructor

5.6% alc | 50 IBU
A very hoppy style of beer, our locally inspired Australian IPA uses our house favourite hops of Ella, Amarillo, Galaxy and Summer. This gives the beer punchy tropical fruit flavours with an assertive bitterness that you can really wrap your claws around!

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Firehouse Coffee Stout

5.6% alc | 33 IBU
Stout with Cold Drip Coffee
The Riverland’s only coffee roaster comes to the brewery once a year to produce each batch of Firehouse Coffee Stout. Arrosto coffee use a unique cold extract method to produce a clean and fresh coffee flavour, using single origin Colombia beans.

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Hard Lemonade

8.1% alc/vol
Alcoholic Lemonade
Utopia Hard Lemonade is made hard, but easy to drink. Made right here in the Riverland of South Australia, we use fresh Riverland grown lemons and grapes, to produce this tangy and blissfully refreshing beverage with a major citrus kick!

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Apple Cider

5.0% alc/vol
Dry Apple Cider
Utopia Apple Cider is made from locally sourced apples each season, carefully pressed, fermented dry and sweetened with fresh juice. The resulting cider has an apple orchard aroma with a well-rounded taste and a crisp, refreshing finish.

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Rude Ruby

8.1% alc/vol
Alcoholic Ruby Grapefruit 
Sassy, sophisticated and
blissfully refreshing. Rude Ruby is cheekyblend of fresh grapes
and ruby grapefruit from the
Fruity and sweet with
just a touch of tart.

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Hort 9909

HORT 9909

4.8% alc
Single Hop Pale Lager
HORT9909? It’s code for an experimental hop from the hop boffins at HopCO, New Zealand Hops, and 1337 h4x0rz at the Plant and Food Research Institute. Years of hop hacking the HopNet mainframe have resulted in HORT9909 to be finally released from the long white cloud. Can you hack it? And is enough hacking really ever enough?!

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Amazon X


5.2% alc
Extra Pale Ale
Woolshed Brewery is 10 years old, and to celebrate, we’ve taken all that makes Amazon Ale great, and added 10 years of brewing technique to create Amazon X.  Laden with Australian Hops, South Australian  Barley, and crystal wheat malt to give this XPA a golden glow to match any Riverland sunset.

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Blackberry Bambalam

6% alc
Dark Lager
This Dark Lager is packed full of Blackberry Pickin’ goodness. Additions of blackberry directly into the fermenter add sweet berry flavours. Roasted malts create a dry chocolate and caramel character with that rounded lager crispness. Whoa Blackberry, Bambalam!

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